Stipple engraving by James Denison-Pender on a Baluster Goblet by Cumbria Crystal. Height 22.5cm, iameter 9cm.

An illustration of Janacek's song cycle 'The Diary of One who Disappeared'. The gypsy girl Zefka lures the young farmer's son Janicku into her world in the woods. She and the woods are engraved on the inside, and Janicku and his world of the farm on the outside. He has gone to the woods to cut a new peg for his plough. When he sees Zefka he freezes like a pillar of salt.

'Is it my colour that makes you so timid?' asks Zefka. 'I am not so dusky as it seems to you now: where the sun's not burned me, my skin is much fairer'.

So the boy is lured into the woods. In the end, learning she is carrying his child, he leaves home for ever. The poems which form the words of the song cycle are found in his room, but he is never seem again.

Engraved on the inside and outside back surfaces.