L'Ouroboros - The Rehearsal L'Ouroboros - The Performance L'Ouroboros - The Departure
The Rehearsal The Performance The Departure
Three stipple engraving by James Denison-Pender on goblets blown by Cumbria Crystal. Height 24cm, bowl height 9.5cm,diameter 8.5cm. The engravings were inspired by a troupe of travelling performers which the artist saw in the medieval hill town of Les Baux in Provence. The troupe, called L'Ouroboros, consisted of two drummers and a bagpiper, jugglers and characters on stilts. The quality of the performances and the extraordinary costumes suggested that this was something special. However no explanation was given about the act. The troupe paraded around the town, stopping from time to time to perform their juggling act, and then moving on. The idea of an open air Rehearsal is the artist's own. The Performance is much as he saw it, on the steps of the church. The Departure is intended to suggest the mood of both an ending and a moving on.