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Stipple engraving by James Denison-Pender on Cumbria
Crystal goblet.

Height 23cm, diameter 10cm.

The engraving is based on Leos Janaceck's song cycle 'The
Diary of One Who Disappeared.' The ploughboy Janicku, who
is engraved on the ouside of the glass, is lured into the woods
by the gipsy girl Zefka, engraved on the inside.

"Like a pillar of salt you stand there so quietly.
Everything seems to show that you're afraid of me still.
Sit down here closer; do not keep so far off.
Or is it my colour that makes you so timid?
I am not so dusky as it seems to you now.
Where the sun's not burnt me, my skin is much fairer.”
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