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Stipple engraving by James Denison-Pender on two sheets of
optical crystal, each engraved on both sides, mounted in an
aluminium frame on a stainless steel base.

Height 25cm, width 16.5cm, depth 5cm.

This piece was engraved for the Trove exhibition at the Perth
Museum & Art Gallery. The museum selected several glass
artists from The Scottish Glass Society to pick an object form
the museum's reserve collection and base a piece of glass art on
it. The piece would then be exhibited alongside the object from
the collection. The subject for this engraving was suggested by
a print, ‘The Puppet Master’ by Robert Sargent Austen, dating
from the 1930’s. The old man in the print is reputed to be a self
portrait. He sits with his puppets but has no audience. The
engraver has responded by making the puppet master into his
own self portrait and creating an audience with his seven
grandchildren and six step grandchildren.
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